Question Desktop to passive speakers?

Apr 21, 2020
I have an old powered JBL subwoofer and a pair of passive JBL tower speakers collecting dust in the basement. My 15-year-old PC speakers are on the fritz and before I go out and buy new speakers I was wondering if it were possible to leverage my old sub and speakers as a replacement. My PC has a 3.5mm C/SUB out (as well as front and rear) jacks. My subwoofer has an integrated amp with audio in and out connectors that have banana/bare interfaces.

The idea is to utilize the subwoofers amp to drive the speakers by connecting the C/SUB out on the computer to the subwoofer and then getting a 3.5mm to RCA Y cable adapter and connecting that from the PC to the left and right audio input on the subwoofer, then plug the speakers into the audio out from the sub-woofer. It seems like this should work, but I can't find any RCA to banana cable cords, is there such a thing? I guess it would be even more convenient if I could get a 3.5mm to banana cable cord, but I can't find any of those either. Should I just forget about this idea and buy new PC speakers? I loved my old JBL's but the wife doesn't like the look of the towers, so we had in-wall and in-ceiling speakers installed that replaced my perfectly great JBL's. Now that I am WFH until who-knows-when, I would like to resurrect them.

Pictures of my subwoofers backside and my PC's audio jacks are included.

Subwoofer (mine is in much better condition but same model)

Thank you.


May 25, 2020
It is possible, but the sound won't be good. I have tried this but getting the output frequencies right was difficult and didn't get any good results.