Desktop Upgrades


Aug 30, 2011
Hello guys how are you guys doing, I just had a couple of questions from the pros at Tom's Hardware.
Here are my specs

i7 950
x58 sli ftw 3
6gig of ram patriot viper 2
PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk II 750w
evga 470 sc
500g hardrive
Cooler master h50

I wanted to maybe update my h50 to a h100
and get the ocz vertex 3 120gig for a ssd since i don't have one but i heard there are a lot of problems with the new sand force so does anyone recommend anything else or should i stick with the ocz and i wanted to get a new power supply because I wanted to sli 570's in the future or would my power supply be able to handle it. So what do u guys think In terms of upgrades i also would like a modular supply but what ever still works and is good price range i want to spend maybe less than $800 of course getting the second 570 later in the future or do u think i should wait for cards to drop. Just have alot of quesitons and no direction with just googling things. lol New to building computers.