Jun 16, 2020
Yesterday i dropped my computer and somehow my cpu pins bent. I bent them back and my computer is working again. Today i noticed that my desktop is "laggy" and if i choose a shortcut and try to move it around, the desktop or is it called "explorer.exe" crashes or at least freezer for a while. Also shortcut icons or whatever they are called, gets long time to load, and everything else related to windows 10/desktop evironment feels laggy too, expect games. At least in game called CS:GO i get same fps as before but i don't have other games installed to benchmark on them (i tried to do a system reset to fix this problem) So, could someone help me or give me tips to troubleshoot or fix this? Is the problem in my CPU? or Hard drive? Maybe It's just windows?

m5a99fx pro r2.0
GTX 970
120gb Samsung SSD (Windows)
2x 500GB HDD

Also note that my english is not my main language so sorry about my typos