Question Desktop won’t boot past HP logo

May 24, 2022
Hi there, I’m trying to troubleshoot an old desktop at my job. Its an HP Pavilion tower. a transformer blew and we lost power while the PC was turned on. It boots up and shows an HP logo, but will not go any further than that. I cannot boot it into BIOS, or into safemode. it will not get to another screen other than the HP logo, which makes it hard to run the hardware diagnostics. So far i’ve tried:
removing the hard drive, same result
removing one ram stick, same result
removing the other ram stick, same result
tried every combination of both or one ram stick in each slot, same result
i tried every ram combination both with and without the HDD hooked up
ive tried the hard reset holding the power button for 20 seconds, same result
i removed the coin-size battery from the mobo for a few minutes, same result

no matter what i try, the pc is stuck at a plain HP logo.
is this pc a lost cause? is my best option to hook the HDD up tk another pc and pray the data isnt corrupted/fried? thank you in advance