Desperate: 1080 Ti + i7 8700K = low FPS + low score on benchmarks

May 8, 2018
Hello everyone,first time PC builder here, please hear my cry for help.

Here are my specs:

  • Asus MAXIMUS X HERO- Motherboard - ATX

    Intel Core i7 8700K - Processor

    Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 - CPU Cooler

    Corsair Vengeance LPX - DDR4 - 2x16GB

    INNO3D GeForce GTX 1080 Ti iChiLL X3 Ultra - GPU - Boosts to 1721 MHz

    Cooler Master V Series V750 - Power Supply

    Samsung 960 EVO 1TB - Solid state drive

    WD Black Performance Hard Drive 4TB

    3x 140mm be quiet! Silent Wings 3 case fans - 2 in the front and 1 in the back

    Monitor: LG 32GK850G-B - 1440p - G-Sync

    Windows 10 64bit

    1440p G-Sync monitor

    Not overclocked
When i freshly boot my PC i get a 3DMark Spy Glass score of 9800 to 10200.
After playing a game or running the benchmark several times with short breaks the score tanks to 7900 and even 5900 .

I also ran the Final Fantasy 15 benchmark and the first minute things run super smooth but at one point it hits some kind of bump and the performance tanks.
One would think it's a bottleneck but considering the parts of my PC there shouldn't be.

I already tried doing a clean install of the GPU driver using the DDU tool aswel as the built in option in the Nvidea installer. Also tried an older driver.
I also checked my power cables, unplugging and replugging them.

I monitered things in MSI Afterburner and noticed the following:

The weird thing is that to get full performance again once i hit that bump i need to reboot my PC.
I then run Spy Glass again and get normal score.
Same for the FF15 benchmark, super smooth the first minute or so and then BOOM, the performance drop.

Some more stats from during last test:

  • Max CPU clock : 4503Mhz

    Max CPU temp: 62C

    GPU max voltage: 1.063V

    Max GPU temp: 64C

    Max GPU power %: 83% (often went to 100% during previous tests)

    Max GPUGraph clock: 2000Mhz

    Max GPU Mem Clock: 5702Mhz

    GPU usage: 100% (it runs constantly at 100% during Final Fantasy 15 benchmark)
All ideas are greatly appreciated.
As we say in Dutch "I have my hands in my hair!"

I think it has something to do with the power ussage.
I rebooted my PC and ran Spy Glass three times in a row with a 10280ish score.
Then i boot the Final Fantasy 15 benchmark and the first minute it runs super fast/smooth.
After that it runs ok but the drop is noticable.

I check MSI Afterburner and from the moment i noticed the performance drop the Power % goes from 97-100 to about 80-85.
Also the Voltage limit goes to a flatline 1 value instead of bouncing between 0 and 1 like it did the first minute of the FF15 benchmark and also all three of the Spy Glass benchmarks.

I wait 5 minutes and run Spy Glass again and only get a score of 7377... . How is this possible?
During this last test my power % was also limited to 77-85%.

So today i booted my PC, opened MSI Afterburner and ran the Spy Glass benchmark first.µ
I got a score of 9950, wich is reasonable but yesterday after bootup i got 10280 three times in a row.

Then i launched the Final Fantasy 15 benchmark and the performance drop happend again.
Please have a look at these screenshots. (temp)

So as mentioned before the performance drop goes hand in hand with a drop in Power % and constant Voltage limit of 1 instead of bouncing around like during the Spy Glass test. Temperature did not go higher than 73C.
Is my GPU the problem or my 750W power supply? Again, nothing is overclocked, CPU temps do not go above 65C and CPU usage spikes to 64% max during tests.


Jul 16, 2017

ik denk dat het de Power suply is, omdat je niet eens 100% power usage hebt


Jun 8, 2016
I say your CPU is thermal throttling. At its throttled reduced speed it goes 65°C, but at max speed it may be overheating.
Especially when some gaming motherboards auto-OC can heat up the chip considerably.

Did you seat the heatsink of the CPU properly?
Is the CPU VCore too high?

Also, disable C states, turbo boost/game boost and any other overclocking settings. Set to High Performance.

Thank you!


Jun 19, 2014

How odd. My 8700k at 4.7ghz uses about 1.2 volts and reaches about 36C. When I OC all cores to 5.2ghz using 1.5v I reach 87C under full load. The Intel website says the chip can go up to 100C before it shuts down.

For no OC your CPU is running a little on the hot side and you have a far better CPU cooler than I do too. Did you do your thermal paste correctly? The aim of thermal paste is to get the thinnest layer possible not to plaster your CPU in it.

The purpose of the stuff is that under a microscope the surface of your CPU and Cooler plate arent perfectly flat or smooth. The paste is to provide a thin layer to counter this so heat is transferred from the CPU to the plate across the whole plate surface. Thin is the main word as the thermal paste has some heat resistance. I used about a quarter of a pea on mine.

Can I also suggest opening your case and using your hands to ascertain if each of those additional fans is in the correct way around? Sounds about moronic but I have made that mistake before, its easy to do. Finally is your CPU voltage capped at 1.063V? Or is your motherboard automatically adjusting it within a set range of values depending on demand? 1.063V is too low for that chip unless its idling.


Jul 18, 2013
Possibly the Dark Rock Pro not properly mounted, but when it comes to graphics benchmarks still should not be the major bottleneck.
Please re-mount using new and a proper amount of thermal compound.

Worth checking:
Have you checked in the nVidia control center if the setting for Maximum Performance is enabled? Default if I remember correctly is 'balanced'. Same applies for the Power Management in Windows you can access via the Control Center.

I doubt that your PSU has something to do with this.
Your screenshots of Afterburner show you have a GPU Temp limit of 64C. Click the slider and take it up to 75C or so and see if that helps. The 1080ti has a hard throttle of 84C so can go that high if necessary.

You need to visually inspect your gpu in operation to verify all fans are spinning up under load.