Question Desperate! Please help

Apr 22, 2019
I'm not sure if this is the correct section so if it isn't please move it. I aplogize if it isn't i am just running out of ideas & need some kind of help!

On my Brother's desktop that is on windows 8.1. ESET Smart Security is the A/V on the PC. Upgraded to ESET NOD & when it asked to restart. The PC will boot & get a BSOD, then go into automatic repair. I've tried all i could think of to fix this & get it back to starting up as normal. I tried system restore but apparently ESET is preventing that & we don't have a Windows 8 disc of any kind. the Desktop was sent years ago as is. I tried googling to see if there were commands using the cmd to disable or delete ESET but i couldn't come across anything!

I'm running out of ideas to be honest & losing hope that i've completely just ruined his PC. The PC boots, BSOD's then goes into automatic repair. That's as far as i can get & i can't find any fixes to at all on my end. I'm assuming if it were that easy i just need a way to turn off eset or uninstall it even, but i can't get the PC to even boot into it's OS at all. Please, If anyone know's a fix i will try anything at this point!

I've also just signed up to this website. Reading that it's one of the best ones to come to & am here now writing this for help.

EDIT: I also cannot boot into safe mode either as it also crashes/bsod trying.


Officially you can't source an ISO for Windows 8 off Microsoft's download servers but you can find Windows 8.1 using Windows Media Creation Tools. Worst case scenario is that you're going to have to reinstall your OS from scratch and not mess around with a latter version of an AV or at the very least learn to backup your data before things go awry.

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