Aug 13, 2020
I've made a post previous to this that is pretty similar, I'm sorry about that, but I need new eyes and new opinions. The only reason why I'm posting this in components is because I really don't know what it could possibly be, I'm on the fence about it being my power supply still. Curse my indecisiveness.

Alright this is the last post I'm going to write before I lose all patience and buy a new Power Supply or outright buy a prebuilt PC. Building your own is so overrated, but that is besides the point. I'm currently fuming, so please excuse any grammatical errors or if I repeat myself. I would like to preface this by saying that my knowledge of computer parts is bordering on amateur. I basically know the names of the parts and what they do, and that is the extent of it. I would appreciate any help from anyone here. I'd also like to apologize for this massive, lengthy post. I went to AMD, I went to Reddit, and Windows and I haven't received much in the way of coherent help.

I built my PC on August 7th of last year, my specs are as follows:
GPU: AMD RX590 Fatboy
CPU: Ryzen 2600x
RAM: 16 GB
PSU: Corsair CX550m
Motherboard: AX370 Gaming

Warning: Everything thats happened from my post 20 something days ago and Today are very inconsistent.

Taking something from my previous post, I've downloaded and installed Remnant: From the Ashes, a game that I could previously not get to run for the life of me. As soon as plugged everything into my PSU again, the game can run, on all low, but it can run now without immediately crashing. Again, pointing to my Power Supply slowly but surely dying (I think). I will sometimes receive the Kernel Power 41 error on Startup, but as soon as I reboot once it goes away, twice at most. This hasn't happened in days but it might be important. When this all started, I would see the BSOD for less than moment before my computer reset. After turning off the option that allowed my computer to do this, I would see these BSODs in full. Only two times has the progress percentage gone past 0%. And the one time it reached 100% did it corrupted a whole bunch of files.

Since around April I've been battling my PC in a nearly unending war. Initially, it started with my GPU losing signal, fine whatever I've managed to fix that and this glitch with AMD GPUs is basically done and dusted. So when it happens again, you can probably understand my infinite frustration [Potentially solved: went back to my tweaked GPU settings]. But that isn't the only thing, I've received 3 or 4 different types of blue screens with different types of errors. Most frequently, I get a Kernel Power 41 error. I don't know what it could possibly be. At this point, the most probable of suspects is my power supply. I'm hoping its none of my other components seeing as I'm not that financially stable as of right now. On top of this, I will often receive audio bugs, such as buzzing in between words of songs, or Youtubers, etc etc. I will also receive heavy stuttering and lagging occasionally, which is the precursor to said crashing.

Besides Kernel Power 41, I get System Services Exception, I get Kernel Power In-page error and something else I can't remember. I've done everything conceivable in my power to try and alleviate these issues.
  1. I've run Chkdsk, restore health, and everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) similar to that over 30 times, yes I've counted. I've been on countless websites that all say the exact same thing, and none of it helps. I've checked my RAM, nothing. I've checked my GPU drivers, nothing. I've cleanly reinstalled all drivers, nothing.
  2. I've reinstalled Windows 10 twice to no avail.
  3. I took off both side panels to his my PC extra airflow, and because I discovered the "PC Technician" that built my PC crunched the cables to the point where it was kind of hard to look at, he also jammed the CPU power supply cable between my MB and one of the holes in the case, so its impossible to get it out without taking out the entire motherboard but thats besides the point.
  4. I've updated my BIOS praying that THIS was the be all end all, if it was I wouldn't be writing this post.
  5. I've unplugged my PSU from all of my components and the outlet. It seemingly helped things for about a day before it began acting up again.
  6. I've run OCCT thanks due in part to a fellow Forum User that told me to download it. Everything runs fine except for the "Power" test option. As soon as I click that, I get a black screen and no signal. I've waited for hours, nothing. Again, pointing to the power supply.
  7. I do not receive any graphical glitches in my game. From the extremely easy to run like Gwent, to some games that are pretty intensive if we were living in 2015 like the Witcher 3, to games that are pretty taxing like Red Dead Redemption 2. I get to play these games on varying settings of course, but I don't mind that.
I believe I've suppressed these blue screens somewhat. I used to get them every single day, now sometimes my PC behaves and I can do whatever I do all day without a hitch. Now it only happens when I download games via Steam or any other platform. I've had this PC since my birthday, August 7th, and its been barely year, yet, it is giving me problems as if this PC has been around for 10 years.

Some extra notes
  1. My computer is relatively clean, I will admit there is some dust but nothing major.
  2. I do not have any viruses.
  3. When downloading games, when looking at the Task Manager, Steam generally takes up a lot of Power. Perhaps my PSU is the culprit?
Here are all of my PCs info.
I recently updated my BIOS to the latest addition, but that is the only thing that is different.

Also a few very stupid questions
  1. Most of the issues are Kernel involved, is there a place where I can reinstall any of the Kernel stuff?
  2. Would increasing the Voltage of the next PSU I buy prevent things like this from happening again?
  3. Is it stupid to have BOTH panels off? Mind you, its really hot and humid where I am from like April to October, so the ambient temperature really puts a damper on things.
  4. I'm reinstalling Conan Exiles as I type this. I used to be able to play Conan Exiles on High settings no problem, now whenever I try I can play for about 5 minutes before my computer black screens. Why is that?
TL;DR: Kernel Power 41, System Services Exception, Kernel Power Inpage errors keep screwing me and my PC. Is it time to get a new Power Supply? To my knowledge, everything else works fine.

Thank you for your time, I'm sorry for my ineptitude when it comes to PCs. Please if you have any questions, ask.
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" before I lose all patience and buy a new Power Supply "

You should have replaced that PSU already. Troubleshooting a computer is a process of elimination when an issue present more than one cause. Your PSU is the first major part of this elimination process and most of the times it's the PSU. If it's not that we keep going until the issue is resolved.
Sep 5, 2020
I suppose you didn't change anything about your system?

I don't see why you are so hesitant to buy a new PSU honestly. Are you short on money? Your descriptions still make it sound like the most likely culprit, and a broken PSU can easily damage other components along with it. It's really hard to pinpoint other culprits as long as the PSU part has not been verified as everything points towards it. I'd get a new PSU with sufficient Watts (you can use a calculator, I'd probably go with 600+ though and in the best case with 750+ as Nvidia suggests this for their new graphics cards, so it might be more future-proof) and try it out - if your system still behaves the same way you can probably just get a refund claiming it fails to power your system or something. That way the biggest concern would be out of the picture at least.

A very unlikely other scenario could also be your power outlet in your room. In my company we had some weird issues at some point because we plugged way too many things into a single outlet, splitting that solved it.
" before I lose all patience and buy a new Power Supply "

You should have replaced that PSU already. Troubleshooting a computer is a process of elimination when an issue present more than one cause. Your PSU is the first major part of this elimination process and most of the times it's the PSU. If it's not that we keep going until the issue is resolved.