Question Desperate to find the right mouse small hands, please help

Apr 2, 2019
Lately i have very big issues with finding a gaming mouse that suits me.
I mostly play FPS games, low sensitivity (cs go 800 dpi 1 ingame)
My hand size is 17 cm, palm grip with i think a bit of tendencies sometimes to a palm-claw hybrid
Here is my grip: View:

First i started with a razer Naga 6 years ago which was perfect for me shape-wise but it died out.
Then i tried, in this order, all of them in the time-frame of 2months:
-Razer Deathadder, too big, unconfortable
-Mionix Castor, preety confortable mouse but not exactly right
-Roccat KONE pure Owl, preety confortable but not exactly right as well
-Logitech g Pro Wireless, surpriseningly unconfortable
-Razer Viper wired, overall not bad as shape, but it didn`t feel..natural
-Zowie EC2-B, too big, unconfortable
-Logitech g pro wired, decent comfortable,but
-Logitech g203, same as above
-Steelseries Rival, felt surprinsingly good, but sadly the main mouse clicks were too stiff, way too stiff, had to RMA it

Usually the mouse feels decent at first, but then the more i play, the more i notice that in more than 30minutes of gaming , an incomfortable mouse will produce pain to the back of my palm near thumb, or in the right side, depending of the shape of the mouse

Can you recommand me any mouse that suits the following?
-Easy to actuate main buttons,like on logitech
-Small, for my small hands
-Good for my palm grip
-Lightweight, under 90g
-Ergonomic shape, so it becomes an extension of my arm


Nov 6, 2019
I have the same problem. I have very small hands. When I buy a new mouse I normally buy the smallest cheap mouse at the local store. I'm always afraid of buying a good mouse because they look like tanks and I know I won't like them :)