despretly need motherboard advice


Jan 3, 2007
bassically ive been planing a build for ages now and im having alot of trouble deciding on a mobo

i had decided on a p5b wifi deluxe

but after some surffing it seems to be very picky with ram, have trouble with drviers, and is tempremental. if it rejects my ram or is hard to setup i don't have the experience to workaround or the cash to replace a non faulty board

im getting a x6800 C2Duo

full build (the ram has changed alot and is not pinned down)

basically im looking for a nice simple to setup board (i have no experience of building pc's)

as im buying a sound card integrated sound is not important
i just want a motherboard and ram suggestion

i have noticed the msi platinunm seems good but im having alot of trouble judgeing what i should get

ps. the pc is primarly for gaming and i plan to do NO oc'ing

edit: um ive just checked the msi 965 plat ram slots only have 1.8V and all the ram i can find is 2.1v ??????


Oct 14, 2006
Get a vanilla P5B if your not oc'ing, there where ram problems (mainly with OCZ) when the board was first released, but thats been cleared up now, dont worry about it.

for the ram i would suggest this, its cheap, and it has low timings.


May 1, 2006
Most of, if not all, the mobo manufacturer's websites have a compatible memory list for each of their motherboards. I think MSI even has a warning about compatible memory and gives an example.


Jan 9, 2007
... and a spell checker.

If you are that new to computers, and that limited in financial resources, ability, and ability to to endure computer down-time, then I would suggest you don't build it yourself.

Buy a "barebones" PC, specify the components you want, and let somebody else deal with the incompatible memory, non-working motherboards, and all the rest. You can still add some parts yourself and gain confidence from experience.

I don't know many people that just plug all the parts together and everything works flawlessly the first time. Usually there's something somewhere that bites you, and if you are inexperienced etc. etc. you might get into a spot that is way over your head and have to pay somebody to bail you out. That's more wasted mother than the tiny margin on a barebones system would be.

Or, you might get lucky, plug everything together, and no problems. Generally the more expensive the parts the more likely the success, but not necessarilly. I've bought plenty of high-end & expensive components that weren't worth the cardboard from the box they came in.

Eventually, after you build a few of these, you'll gain knowledge, confidence, and a bunch of spare parts to test with.