'Destiny 2' PC Players Are Being Banned, And Bungie Hasn't Said Why

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May 31, 2014
I 100% support any company that perma-bans cheaters. No second chances.

Cheating in PC multiplayer games is rampant, and stopping it (or reducing it really) is required for anyone to want to keep playing the game.

If the company determines they made a mistake, then of course remove the ban.

If your anti cheat program is a joke, and your policy with cheaters that are caught is weak (non perma ban), then don't expect people to keep playing your game. I'm looking at you BF1 on PC.


I appreciate how up front an prompt they are with their statement.
There's nothing vague about it, there's no automatic system gone awry, its good old fashion looking after their game.
It's certainly possible that these players were actually attempting to cheat at the game. 400 players should only be a fraction of a percent of the game's PC playerbase, and there's undoubtedly going to be some players trying to cheat at every big game release.

Bans were applied to players who were using tools that pose a threat to the shared ecosystem of the game
The only concern I would have about this is how those tools are detected. Does the game simply search through the player's installed software, looking for tools that could potentially be used to cheat at games whether they are running or not? If so, that could result in lots of false positives. I keep certain tools installed for programming-related purposes that could be used for manipulation of a running program's memory, but wouldn't use them to cheat at online games. Now, if such a program were actually running when the game detects something messing with its memory, then chances would be much higher that someone is trying to cheat.


Oct 25, 2017

I'm one of the supposedly 400 to get hand-picked banned by a bungie employee. I can assure you 200% there isn't a shred of hacking software on my PC. I have no software to manipulating the game or gain any unfair advantage (besides having a balla rig). I will fight tooth and nail to get my account back. It was wrongly banned.

Can anyone with a Bungie account please check this out and upvote? - https://www.bungie.net/en/Forums/Post/236628824?sort=0&page=0

Thank you.


Oct 19, 2011
Something fishy is going on with Destiny 2. Too many people are getting banned 5-15 minutes into playing the game. That tells me Bungie is probably scanning peoples' systems for things they don't like. Cheating and hacking software is likely getting picked up during the scan even if it's not running or being used against Destiny 2. People who use cheats in other games or use their gaming machines for pentesting are probably getting wrongfully banned. I recall this scenario has happened before.

Bungie is handling this poorly. They're giving me the perception that their game is broken and anti-cheat software is effectively acting like malware.


Apr 7, 2013
I was illegaly banned from GTA Online by R* corporate f4scists. Whithout any explanation, without possibility to appeal the BAN. I never cheated or used any MODs. From that moment I will never bought a game again and never will.


Jul 10, 2010

Generally speaking, I imagine they snoop in memory to see what programs and drivers are currently loaded. Back in the day, if you loaded up some games, they'd detect software that's used to manage ISO files and virtual CD drives. You'd get a prompt demanding that you close the program and disable the virtual drive in order to run the game. Those were rare as far as I know.

Everquest, one of the granddads of MMOs banned you if you're running the software in a virtual machine. They probably still do, as they should. A lot of the games do create dumps of memory if they crash to help with troubleshooting. It seems like it would be illegal to snoop on dormant files on the system.

I've never played Destiny before, and pretty much had fallen out of love with shooters over the years, but this game is really scratching that itch. The shooting and movement, the aesthetic, and amazing music and sound really make it a cut above the rest.


Aug 5, 2009

I am 100% against full banning people, and despise any anti cheat software. False positives exist in every system and have overturned countless bans. There is a reason I refuse to buy vac games if I know vac is in them, and then every single person on any forum the moment you are banned defaults to you did something wrong.

I hate dealing with any kind of automated ban system.

Hell, I find it fun to play with people who are cheating, I make sport of killing them. you have an aimbot, then my goal is to kill you before you kill me.

you know my prefered method of banning? give people serves they can host and let the community deal with it. you get banned from serves not from games. and you know what's even better, when an online game has a heavy server component so only superficial things can be done on the user side.
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