Question Desync or something similar in windows


Feb 2, 2014

Ive got a 1050Ti, running a dual monitor (1920x1080 on HDMI and 1366x768 on HDMI to VGA adapter).
All this worked normally until recently I've got a random desync, or something like that, across the screen. Could be a driver or a Windows update that caused this.

(source: Game Theory: The Secret Identity of Hollow Knight's Hero (Hollow Knight); by The Game Theorists)

Issue is not present when I enable Nvidia ShadowPlay to record my windows screen (that's why the picture is taken with a phone), I assume it then enables some sort of vSync on it so it disappears. I tried adding explorer.exe to Nvidia control panel and set it to use vSync but it didn't solve anything (read that I could try this).
Issue is also not present while gaming.
For now I'll leave ShadowPlay on, but I feel it lags the system a bit (could be a placebo) and the popup from the side is annoying.

It is very irritating when scrolling or watching full screen videos. Anyone came across something like this and found a way to sort it? Or some advice I could try? Everything is helpful.
Thank you.