Details on Eluktronics RP-17 are very skimp

Aug 16, 2020
I'm looking at the Eluktronics RP-17, but the details on the hardware is lacking.

For instance, it lists "Ultra Performance PCIe NVMe SSD" storage and "DDR4" memory options, but there are no details on those. What brand/model storage and memory?

How about the display? "Full HD IPS-Type 144Hz Anti-Glare Display"? Who makes the display?

You would think that for targeting power users they would provide the raw details.

Does anyone have this information?

Phillip Corcoran

No details on RAM or SSD brand/model because it depends on what's available from their component suppliers at the time. This is necessary to ensure an uninterrupted supply of compatible components, regardless of the brand.

The amount of detail given is no worse than other laptop manufacturer sites, even the big-name ones like Asus who also make powerful gaming models, because they all have to keep their options open to secure continuous supply of components.

Only way to keep a handle on the brand preferance for each component is to build your own desktop PC instead.
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