"Detecting IDE Drives" Issue?


Oct 30, 2013
Hello everyone. I have a recent issue that just recently came up on my PC.

Prior to this issue, I was using my computer with no problems. Everything was running smoothly and perfectly fine. However, all of a sudden, my computer gradually started to freeze up until my screen went to a halt (however I was still able to move the pointer on the screen). After waiting for a few moments, I decided to reset my computer by holding down the power button till it shut off and turned it back on again.

When my computer tries to boot up, I get the "Detecting IDE Drives" message and it stays on the screen for about a half a minute. Then I receive the "disk boot error" message. Confused, I tried restarting my computer several times with the same problem each time. I reconnected the SATA and the power cable for my SSD but still no luck. I have tried switching the SATA cable but no luck with that method as well.

Any solutions to this problem? I really hope it is not some form of drive failure.

Thank you!
check in the bios make sure the sata ports are set right. most new pc there set to achi mode not ide. if you have to plug the ssd into another pc and run the drive firmware updater to see if it sees the drive. some ssd had power on bricking issues. the ssd would brick after a set time running. few ssd had this bug and had new firmware to fix it. if the drive did birck sometime updating the firmware will bring the drive back but not the data.
if it a new rig and a new ssd. have someone check the voltage output on the power supply if the 5v line is high it can burn out a ssd.