Determining AMD or Intel for the future


Mar 6, 2009
Since I'm building this new gaming rig with the future in mind, by the time these rigs we are all planning to build on here are outdated will 6 cores (i.e. AMD phenom II x6 1100T) be finally utilized or is it just smarter to go ahead and get the i5 4 core?


Jan 27, 2009
That's like asking if 64 bit OS is worth going for over 32 bit OS! My vote is definitely for the i5 Sandy Bridge with Z68 motherboard. I think you can find plenty of articles on Tom's showing the difference in 4/6 cores including the latest article with comparison to single core on all platforms.

Good Luck.


Mar 29, 2011
AMD as far as we know, make their CPU's compatible with previous motherboards, so for future upgrades they can be good. Intel however brings out a new chipset with each gen. Which, as annoying as it is, they seem to work better together then AMD.

The best way to future proof, i believe, is to build a system that wont need to be upgraded anytime soon, and with Z68 mobo as bill stated is probably the best option. If you did want to go AMD, i personally would wait for Bulldozer.

If the rig is for gaming, 4 cores is ample with most games never using more than 3 cores.
Right now its smarter to go ahead with an i5 quad.

Future proofing is impossible IMO . This years top end PC will perform as well as next years mid range . The year after that it will be entry level .

Economically the smart move is to by the midrange now , ignoring overpriced top end parts , which will do the job for a couple of years . And then build again starting from scratch saving maybe your case and PSU