Deus Ex on new machine

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Hello everyone,

I just put together a gaming rig with the following specs

core i5 2400
4 GB corsair ram
sapphire HD 6670
DH67 BL intel board
500GB seagate sata 7200 rpm
1600x900 HD LED monitor
280 W (non certified psu) from a local indian manufacturer called VIP (model no. 400R...for your reference)

This is my query:

I have played Deus Ex on my older machine P4 2.4 (non HT), 2 gb ram and it ran smoothly (no graphic card).

On the above build however, I experience micro stutter playing on both Intel IGD HD 2000 and HD 6670.

I have not yet tested any of the newer games like BF3 etc, but my point is why could this be happening. I've been careful enough to plug the monitor into the right slot depending on the graphic device/card i use and have tried running the graphic devices parallel as well.


p.s. i do have to load the iso of the game through magic disk


Jun 3, 2011

1. it doesn't's a multi-monitor setup, and only 1 card is 3D-active
2. the PSU should be good if it indeed can supply 280W. My i5-2500+5850 never exceed 300W (I'm talking about Skyrim, DeusEx HR). But the branding could be problematic. Anyway, from my experience, PSU problems usually generate memory issues and resets, not stuttering.
3. I also use daemon-tools for my ISOs. That's because I did not want to replace my damaged internal DVD drive and I make (note: MAKE) my ISOs on my laptop. As long as he does not mention cracks or downloads, there is no proof of misuse.

I also had stutters from vsync and AA settings. Other things to check are anti-virus, download apps, malware. Also HW supplied CD/DVDs can contain SW which do "bad things".
1. and which psychic powers allowed you to discern that it's a multi-monitor setup?

2. well, that's the biggest problem, "if it can supply 280W." so can it? what's the rated current on 12V rail? in most cases it's about 70% of rated PSU capacity, so you're looking at about 200W of actual capacity. so until OP can verify that PSU has enough juice to run his system I'd be looking at that first.

3. yes, there isn't a proof of misuse, which is why I asked the question. In case it's cracked software, it could be a bad crack that's causing stutter, and we have no way to trouble shoot that, so I'm trying to rule that wild card out of the equation.


Alright guys..i'll be honest about not argue about this among yourselves...I have taken the game from a friend and he has made an iso of it because he loves it and does not want to rely on the CD/DVD drive.

I have not used any crack on the game and it installs from the iso and runs just fine without using any patch....I do not intend to condone piracy and if what I am doing qualifies as piracy....I promise to abstain from it....apologies for offending any of you



I respect and appreciate your strong view on piracy but there are better ways of putting those views across to someone you do not know.
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