Question Device inserting notification sound on startup?

Dec 13, 2018
My g card is MSI GeFOrce GTX 1650 super, mobo is msi Tomahawk max 450, processor ryzen 7 2700x.

Monitor- 19" Samsung it has vga port only☹☹. I had to use a hdmi to vga adapter.

So the thing is everytime i start my pc after the BIOS screen my monitor flashes for 15 seconds and then windows home screen arrives with a device inserting notification sound (the sound windows make after installing and applying a new graphic driver). I didn't assemble the components all my myself, i went to an expert. All the components are brand new. I am sacred that my g card might be faulty. One more thing, during 2 hours of moderate using, that flashing screen didn't appear. But when i installed crysis 3 and started the game, same thing happened again and then the game started to run with a 1028×"something" resolution. I went to the settings and changed it to mu default resolution 1366×786 and restarted the game. No flashing screen was present when i start the game for the second time, and my resolution was set to "ultra" by default. Please tell me its not the g card problem, or else i will have an heart attack. Check my insta(it only have 3 posts you don't need to hover around for the thing i tried to mention) "shahmen.23", i have posted a video.