Question Devil May Cry 5 occasional crashing (.exe has stopped working)


Jun 18, 2017
Even though I met the minimum requirements I still experience crashes on some missions of DMC 5. I found it strange that DMC 5 will crash on my pc while RE 2 (which have the same requirements) have no problem running. It seems that some other players are experiencing crashes as well. From what I read online, the most common fix is to change the "targetplatform=directx12" to "targetplatform=directx11" which I didn't even need to do as it was already directx11 when I installed the game. My graphics drivers are updated. My graphics settings are set to medium, which is lower than what the default settings suggested as default settings are set to high so I lowered it to medium just for good measure, turned off vsync, set it to borderless windowed and still my game occasionally crashes. However, I have observed that most of my crashes happened at Mission 9, 10 and 15. Seldom at mission 3 and very rarely at mission 11. The rest of the missions have no problem. It usually happens if I have been playing for a long time, say 4 hours and then I hit missions 9,10 or 15 (I didn't count missions 3 and 11 since they rarely crash there like I mentioned) then my game would definitely crash repeatedly. I was still able to finish the said missions by just continuing on the last checkpoint every time it crashed which is annoying. The only few times that said missions haven't crash is that If it's the first thing I would do when I open my computer but it would still crashe sometimes although only once or twice compared to four or more if have been playing for a long hours, so there's that. I have already finish the game twice already, but the crashes are really annoying on repeated playthroughs.

CPU: Core I5 4440 @ 3.10 GHz
GPU: Nvidia GTX 970 with 4GB VRAM
OS Windows 8.1
DirectX 11
Toshiba HDD