DFI AK76 IDE controller defective? Please help!



Bought a DFI AK76 motherboard but can't get my harddrives to run off of the primary IDE connector. The motherboard recognizes that there are harddrives on the primary connector but booting fails at something like "verifying dmi pool data." If I put the drives on the secondary IDE connector the system will boot fine. Problem is I get illegal operation and random crashes on a regular basis. I took the onboard IDE controller out of the equation by using my promise controller card but still am getting the random crashes and illegal operation errors. Is this an idication that the motherboard is defective?

If I put the harddrives back on the primary IDE connector and then boot with a bootdisk all DOS sees on the bootdrive is something like "BOBOOTLOG". That is the only data that the primary IDE connector sees as being on the drives. What is even weirder is that even though the primary IDE connector won't read harddrives it will read my cdrom drives just fine. I can put all the harddrives on the secondary IDE controller and all the cdrom drives on the primary IDE controller and the system will boot just fine and I can use all the drives. Unfortunately the system crashes on a regular basis.

I just reformatted after getting this motherboard so Windows is running on a fresh installation.

My Specs:

AMD Thunderbird 1.4ghz
DFI AK76-SN Motherboard
256MB Crucial DDR Ram
Creative Annhialator Ultra Geforce2
Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 40GB
Western Digital Cavier 20GB