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May 14, 2015

I'm experiencing intense stutter in Diablo 4. It happens mostly few moments after I teleport to town and then every few seconds when the camera is panelling. My friends are all running the game smoothly with way lower specs than mine :
  • AMD 5800x (OC @ 4.2Ghz)
  • EVGA RTX 3080 (10GB)
  • Neo Trident Z (36GB @ D.O.C.P 3603Mhz)
  • ROG B550-A Gaming
  • Samsung G7 32'' (1440p @ 239,96 Hz)
Here's a video of my screen :

You can see spikes both on CPU and GPU in the "Performance" pannel of my task manager. Before you say : "It's in town..." I know but it's doing this everywhere in the world...

I tried many things so far :
  • Lastest drivers
  • Made sure my D.O.C.P was activated in the BIOS
  • Lowering the graphics
  • Disabling the V-sync
  • Enabling and disabling DLSS (Tried all settings : Balanced, Quality, Performance and Ultra Performance)
  • Lower the resolution at 1080p
  • Full screen / Windowed / Windowed full screen
  • Lower the frequency of my monitor on the desktop
I have absolutely no problem in other games : WZ2 (120 fps no lag), Sons of the forest is super smooth. I struggled a bit with Hogwarts Legacy but who hasn't?

I remember a similar problem affecting my last computer when playing Diablo 3. The second I would alt+tab, I would experience same kind of stuttering. Here, I tried to launch the game without "alt tabing", no luck.

PLEASE HELP! Anyone has the same issue? I NEED a fix (for the stutter I mean...)
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The game DEVs are actually working on a fix for stuttering and poor sluggish performance in D4. Many gamers claim that this stuttering issue might be due to SERVER and connectivity issues.

Though, if Diablo 4's servers are working optimally, then most likely there might be some issue on your system, but even HIGH end PC gaming rigs are currently experiencing stutters and performance loss. But some systems don't have such a problem.

You can check your connection speed by performing any online speed test or a test on any packet loss website, which will show you how stable your connection is, just in case. A stable connection with a minimum download speed of 3Mbps and an upload speed of 1Mbps should have no issues though.

Apart from that, there are currently "login" issues in Diablo 4 open beta, and the servers are being pushed to their limits. Ironically, on every platform, there are long queues that can go up to two hours as well. What the heck !? So this might also cause stutters due to the servers being overloaded, but I'm not 100% sure.

ELSE, just wait for a patch/update to be released in a few days. They are working on these issues, according to my internal sources.

It appears that servers still seem to be a bit overloaded now, but the login issues have wrecked havoc since the beta was released. More reports of login wait time are showing up. This shouldn't be happening in the first place though.

I just hope the final version is not plagued with these issues, and the devs iron out these bugs/glitches as well. FWIW, Diablo 4 is an always-online game, and will not offer an offline mode, so even while playing in SOLO mode we need a constant internet connection. Sucks enough, no ? ! :mad:
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