Diablo finished after diablo 3?


Jun 19, 2012
do you really think blizzard cant carry on the diablo sequel after diablo 3?
well why doesnt blizzard just remake the whole sequel in an opposite storyline?
why dont they make like a diablo dark chest set where you work through with a choice of one of the three brothers and work your way through the path of destruction? it makes sense and it would attract other diablo lovers i am sure?
whats everyones thoughts on the situation?
I'm done after Diablo III. It took them 12 years after Diablo II for this to come out, I doubt they will keep going. Who knows. I will most likely not purchase another one. I enjoy Diablo III, but it only has so much replay value. I hit level 60 Monk and the Auction house is cool. I will probably put it down after beating Hell and come back to it after playing some other games.


Apr 18, 2011
I'm not sure why I came to this thread prepared to answer within the canon of the Diablo universe. Truly I am optimistic at heart.

Disregarding the Diablo universe, I'm not sure that Blizzard will try to revisit the Diablo series too soon, given the enormous amount of bad publicity surrounding it and instances of lost sales such as South Korea enforcing the right for gamers to return Diablo 3 to Blizzard for a full refund.