Did any one seen a pc like this?


Sep 20, 2009
Hi guys,

I opened one of my friends case,and i was shocked!See this ,this is why i was shocked!



Please comment on this 2 picZ!


Oct 6, 2009
That's pretty dirty! Have seen worse though! Even had one with dead slugs in the bottom. How people allow their computers to get to this state is beyond me. As silent321 mentioned its only 5 mins to take the side panel off and give it a good clean. Specially if you have pets or are a heavy smoker things are bound to get dusty inside.

There was an article on The Register a while back looking at a load of dirty PCs. They were really bad! I'll post the link here if I can dig it up again!
That's bad, especially since it seems it's not that old. Still, I've seen worse, but it usually takes longer ^_^. Had someone give me a K6-2 last year that was in their kitchen. Turns out the board died because of a build up of dirt and grease. The PSU worked, but the fan was going from gunk build up so I tossed it and just used the drives and memory on another machine, after I cleaned those parts of course.

joe gamer

Mar 11, 2010
See it all the time work, can't take pictures though no cameras allowed. No one cares when they don't own the computers. Worked on some computers at a Powder Coat shop that were ten times worse, I recommended passively cooled workstations but I was over-ruled by my boss who wanted to just keep selling them new computers every two years, Consultants can be douche bags.


I don't even need to clean my computer and it will never have dust in it...my old PC worked 3 years with maybe 2 cleans of compressed air which weren't even thorough. Having the entire home ventilation system filtered from the core with UV light bulbs, merf 16 filters and Hepa's stationed in every major room working 24/7 really does help i guess.


lol i have actually seen even worse than in that THE REGISTOR article....
one a windows98 pentium 1 133mhz, one a dell dimension p4 socket 478 PC. lol, in the dell p4 the hard drive(no ventilation, psu (due to jammed fan), and a fried graphics card due to dust buildup in heatsink (the dust could get in because apparently, according to hte people who wanted me to fix it, it was used sideways...
LOL even the case fan was failed!


Mar 9, 2010
dude you should get an award for dirtiest computer, my clunker I am getting rid of isn't that bad, I thought I had a lot of dust but GD!! I am suprised that the parts don't fry or stop working. I hope I never do anything like that, I am way to much of a clean freak to even get anywhere close to that. I would a kidney to get a airspray becore I let my computer get like that!!