Did I break graphics card/motherboard..."trnew" build


Jul 19, 2010
I am not sure if I damaged the motherboard/cpu or the graphics card. I5-750...new motherboard..8 GB ram. I got a new case today. I transferred everything and everything was working. I unplugged the system and took it back apart to finish installing optical drives and wanted to screw the 5850 into the back-it had just been loose.

I am not sure if I was too rough with the card trying to get it so I could screw the end into the chasis. I reconnected everything..the monitor is not receiving any signal from the card at all. I have reconnected everything twice with no luck..I also bumped the cpu cooler with my hand. I am not sure if maybe I damaged the processor? Would I get any bios at all if the processor was damaged? I can't get to any screen when I boot up...I am feeling really dumb right now. Never did anything like that.



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Do you have a spare or borrow a video card to try it out?. Just as an extra step unplug the computer from the wall, push the power button to release any stored energy in components, and remove the cmos battery for a few seconds. Reinstall the battery, plug it back up and try again. Are you repeatedly tapping the delete key to get into bios? Are you sure you plugged in the 2nd power cord for the motherboard and the power cord(s) for the video? Sure you plugged in the monitor plug into the video card? Just asking and wanta make sure the basics are covered. Notice I didn't ask if you plugged the computer into the wall??? :eek:
When you turn it off to reboot does it turn off in a sec or do you have to hold the off button down for 5/6 seconds before it turns off? If it's the latter then your computer is booting up, you just can't see it so that would be the card. Do you have fans and stuff that spin up when the powers turned on or does it do nothing? Keyboard and mouse lite up? Did you leave the screw for the video card out - maybe it is pulling the back of the video card slightly out of the back of the pci-e slot.