Question Did i brick my pc?

Jun 18, 2022
So I have been buying in pc parts to build a pc which would be the second pc that i have built myself. After setting it all up together i put the power plug in the psu and turn the psu switch on. The pc isnt turned on at this point but the motherboard rgb started lighting up. After i pressed the power button nothing happened except for my mb to turn off its rgb. Now whatever i do it doesnt turn on and the motherboard rgb wont come back. Help pls

Parts list
Phanteks ecplipse case
ROG STRIX Z390 F gaming mb
Core i7 9700k
16 gb 3200mhz corsair ram
Rtx 2060 6gb OC
850W gold Corsair psu


Corsair is the brand of the PSU while 850W is the advertised wattage for the unit. Gold is the 80+ efficiency rating of the unit. What is the model of the unit? Side note, how old is the unit? Your build is based off of the i7-9700K, meaning it's got an iGPU, you might want to remove the RTX 2060 from the build and see if you're able to get POST.