Question Did I burned my ram ??? please help !!!!

Jul 12, 2019
Today I bought Kingstone ddr3 4 GB ram and the voltage mentioned for that on it's label was 1.5 v. I installed the ram and turned on the pc and there was no display and the memok button was continuously on with red light.
after about one minute I turned off pc by pushing the power supply button and I then remembered that I had manually set the voltage to the 1.65 v from bios for my last ram.
did I cause damage to my ram ???? Is there any way to test it?
after that I installed my previous ram and changed the setting to the auto mode and then after installation of the new ram, I pushed the memok button but nothing happened after the button's process, and also for the other one.
my motherboard is asus p7p55d and my psu is ocz 400w.
Thanks in advance for your help.
excuse me if my english writing has problem ...
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