Jul 14, 2019
Hello everyone I have been struggling with a problem the whole day and can't figure it out.
My specs:
2070 MSI Armor
2x8 gb corsair 3000MHz
Thermaltake smart 750W
MSI gaming plus mobo b450

I wanted to dual boot linux and windows so I decided to install linux on my second HDD(windows is on SSD). I installed it and then I could not boot into windows so I reinstalled windows. So far so good.

Then when I got into windows my screen starts to go solid, random colors randomly. I figured its a driver problem so I removed driver with DDU and reinstalled it, no avail.

So I switched to my mobo's HDMI output but I can't get it to working, formatted windows bunch of times, ran chkdsk and did secure erase on ssd and reinstalled windows, nope.

One time it seemed to work fine, I plugged my hdmi to GPU and ran a benchmark, temps did seemed fine (60-70 max) and average 40 fps on 1080p extreme, so I don't think(hope) my gpu is dead. Then it started to do it again, but this time only happened when I opened/closed any program. Screen would go black for 2-5 seconds and come back.

Then I checked event logs thru device manager. It showed nvidia driver would stop working but recovered succesfully, everytime the screen went black.

I don't have any more ideas, should I send the gpu back? What else can I do?