Question Did I fry my motherboard?

Apr 2, 2020
Hello everyone,

So I built a new PC and have had some issues with it. My biggest issue I had and this was all my fault and not the cheap PSU (That i regret buying). So the PSU had a red switch on the back of it so that i could change the voltage from 115 to 240. Now i had it all connected on 115V and everything was running, fans were working, LED lights were on and so on. Now i was trying to figure out why there was not display on my monitor so I tried a couple things but nothing. But here is where i messed up, so I powered down the PC but still had the power point switch on and the on switch on the PSU was on. I decided to flick the voltage switch to 240V and didnt disconnect the power wire from the PSU. As I flicked the switch, I heard a pop and saw a flash. I realised that the fuse on the PSU had blown.

Now my question is, would this have affected my motherboard or any other components? or just the PSU? I have ordered a Corsair PSU now. I only ask this because generally a fuse is there to protect the rest of the components if there is too much power or get short circuited.

This is my first computer build so please be nice :)

Thank you.
there's always a chance that a power surge could have resulted from this that fried one or more components. but, if the system was powered down when this happened it is less likely.
you will have to try connecting to another PSU to see for sure if the rest of the system is still functioning.

make sure you are getting a nice quality rated PSU and you should be able to avoid instances like this in the future.
search here at Tom's for articles and threads about power supply ratings and recommended units. they are often putting out lists of the best and most reliable models. even some of the most popular manufacturers put out some garbage products.