Question did i fry my motherboard?

May 13, 2020
hi all, im running an optiplex 9020 mini tower with 16gb of ram, an i5-4570 cpu, a 1060 6gb gpu and a 1 terabyte SSD. everything was running great until i made the mistake of trying to upgrade the cpu to an i7-4790. i was very careful about static and using a small amount of thermal paste etc, making sure it was seated right. anyway once i had everything connected and tried to boot i got a blinking amber light error, according to dells support site the 2,3 pattern represents a power supply, memory or cpu error. even after switching back to the i5 the error persists... how screwed am i?


I'd pull the CPUs back out and make sure you didn't bend any pins on the motherboard. Even one bent pin will cause problems, even if it's only a minor bend.

Otherwise, if there are no bent pins on the motherboard, and you will likely need some kind of magnification to see it well (Unless you have really good eyes), then I'd say you probably simply forgot to connect something back up.

Triple check EVERYTHING here:

Just double check your work and make sure you have done everything correctly. You shouldn't have much trouble getting your i5 to boot again once you find whatever was overlooked. Then you can try the i7 upgrade again.