Question Did i fry my motherboard ?


Aug 25, 2018
Hi, so I was trying to pimp my pc by putting a rgb strip in it, it was giving me some problems so I exposed the connectors to try to test them 1 by 1 and accidently connected one of the connectors to the TPMS1 connector , next to the rgb header. It made an electric-like noise, I panicked and shut off the PC from the PSU while I was in the bios. I completely removed the rgb and tried to boot, the PC started like normal with all the fans spinning normally but after like 10 seconds of no display, it shuts down and retries to boot. It doesn't even show the asrock logo at the start.

I have removed the motherboard from the PC and tried to run it, didn't work. I tried to put the gpu in, didn't work. The RGB STRIP had 4 pins so it was 12 VOLT.
Pc specs :
Ryzen 3 2200g
Zotac Gtx 970
16 gb DDR4 Ballistics
Seasonic 520w modular PSU 80+
Asrock B450 Pro4
Kingston SSD and Samsung HDD