[SOLVED] Did I fry my SSD?

Nov 4, 2018
So, recently I purchased a new laptop which allowed you to swap the SSDs. There was a small compartment which allowed me to do just that. The SSD is smaller, and an M2 format with three notches, two small ones and one larger one in the middle

I wanted to replace it with a SSD with more storage, and needed to clone the old drive. I wasn't thinking at the time, and don't know a lot about this stuff, but on my desktop computer I installed the two small SSD into the SATA POWER cable in parallel, as they fit right in. I don't know how I could have been so stupid, and thought I could do this...

Did I fry my new SSDs in the process? Is there any way to get the data back? The SSD now gets really hot, but the light will come on when I install it in my laptop.

The BIOS however will not see it.




The two smaller segments on a B key m.2 drive....you connected these directly to the SATA power cables coming off the PSU?
And now the system does not see it?

Yeah, you killed that drive.