Question Did I fry something on my pc?

Jun 6, 2019
I was trying to overclock and I was watching some guides for it and I thought I would be fine overclocking to 4.9 ghz on a i7 7700k and auto voltage. My computer actually turned on and ran for a few hours early on in the day, but as the day progressed my computer kept black screening and restarted from bios so I turned it down to 4.8 to try and get stable. Eventually it got so bad with the crashing that I turned everything back to default bios and it still kept crashing practically off boot. Little did I know that I was trying to overclock way too high to begin with and shouldn't even have been trying to push 4.6 ghz. Now, my pc displays lights on the mobo, the fans spin, and my gpu has lights as well but none of my peripherals are turning on and my monitor isn't displaying anything and keeps having no connection. One of my friends told me that I probably surged something in my computer and told me that my GPU might be fried but I would like to see if anyone here knows whats going on. I before had an issue with overclocking that got resolved with me taking out the battery on mobo and resetting bios but I don't think this will solve this issue. I will try it when I get home but I didn't last night.

CPU: i7 7700k
GPU: GTX 1070
PSU 650W
Mobo: PRIME-Z270-A
RAM: 2 ripjaws ddr4

Thanks for any help guys.


May 15, 2016
I don't suppose you checked your temps and voltages while you did this OC? It is possible that you killed the cpu. I don't suppose you are getting any bios beeps or post codes when you power on? I'd also try removing the video card and running with onboard video to see if that makes any difference.