Did I get mailed the wrong card?


Mar 7, 2009
It took me 6 months to notice but I'm pretty sure that EVGA mailed me the wrong card.

I just looked up my Newegg Invoice info and it confirms that I bought EVGA's 896-P3-1170-AR Video Card which is a GTX 275 at standard clocks.

In my venture of overclocking, I have learned that these are the default clocks for my video card: 648 Core, 1458 Shader, 1188 (2376) Memory, according to EVGA Precision. These are coincidentally the same clocks that EVGA puts on their 896-P3-1171-AR or the GTX 275 'superclocked'.

Did EVGA send me a better card than what I paid for?

The box didn't mentioned anything about superclocked, but when I set the card to 'Default all' in EVGA Precision it defaults to the clocks of their superclocked version. GPU-Z also says merely 'GTX 275'; nothing about 'superclocked'.

And not that it has anything to do with this at all, but the OC clocks I could get were 713, 1548, and 1242, respectively. :D

The GTX 275 clocks, in order of Standard, Superclocked (my card?) and my Overclock.

633 1404 1134x2
648 1458 1188x2
713 1548 1242x2