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Mar 15, 2022
Hello. Today, i decided to install Windows 10 on another computer that uses Intel CPU, and not an AMD CPU as the computer I created the Windows 10 installation media on, by using the media crating tool.

When I started the installation, the computer spent longer than usual time in "Getting Windows ready". When Windows 10 was installed and booted (loaded), it opened the Windows Update, so i can install all the updates - there were many of them, all official updates from Microsoft. After all official updates were installed, i opened the option for installing optional updates.

Some updates were newer, while others were older. Some were from the years 2015 and 2016. Here are photos of the updates:



While downloading those updates, i heard the sound of a notification, so i got closer to the monitor to see the notification. Since i was at a distance from the computer, it took me a while to approach it. A neared the monitor at the last moment before the notification disappeared. The first word i saw was "Threat". I'm pretty sure it was a notification from Windows Defender, saying that a threat is detected. When i opened the menu with the notification, there weren't any - the notification wasn't logged there, and it disappeared. The notification appeared but disappeared when after the fixed time after which notifications disappear, but wasn't logged in the menu you open when you click on the small square symbol at the low-right place of the screen.

I opened <username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Notifications\wpndatabase, the file that stores notifications, but didn't find any text containing the word "threat".

So, what do you think? Did Windows Defender report a file by mistake, then deleted the notification, or did i get a virus that is very well-written and is programmed to hide notifications for detected threats?

Are all files, shown in the screenshot, known and official, are are there some that are unknown, meaning they may not be from official sources?

Is it possible to get malicious software from downloading files from "Update & Security" in the Settings menu?