Did I install my graphics card correctly?


Nov 8, 2009
Just Bought A new machine and I'm afraid that I didn't install the graphics card properly.

The Machine:
ASUS CG5270-BP004
Intel Core 2 Quad
8gb Ram
1TB Hard Drive
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500 (the Reason for the Graphics Card)

The Graphics Card:

The Monitor:
Asus VH232H 23" Monitor (1920x1080)

I plugged it in and installed the drivers. The Chipset doesn't show in the device manager. The reason I don't believe it installed correctly is because When I try to play Crysis Warhead (I know It is a Demanding game for Graphics) I am getting about 10 frames per second, at the gamer settings (step below Highest settings). Shouldn't I be getting more FPS? or maybe be able to play at highest settings? Don't bash me please... Just looking for some help and Insight.


Are you saying the graphics card does not show at all in device manager?

Does your user manual have directions for installing the card? With some, you have to go into BIOS and turn off the on-board graphics first. With others it is not necessary. Could this be the problem?



WR2 is correct though - the 4650 does not do well on Crysis - especially at 1920x1080.
The link below is a review showing its performance compared to some other cards. Note that it is only the 512MB card so yours has more memory. Also I did not see what settings they were using for Crysis. You might be interested in the other pages showing other games - there is a page selection tab on bottom.


It shows 10.5 FPS for Crysis. Also many of these cards are slightly OC so you might also want to compare your card to the tested one.


Jun 25, 2009
First, make sure you monitor is hooked up to the pci-e g-card and not the integrated one. If it is connected properly and can boot to windows without issue, it is correctly seated in the slot. Next, double check to ensure you connected the necessary power connectors to the card. Next, install the drivers from the website, not the CD, just to be sure. Those will be the most up to date. After that, right-click on your desktop. Do you see a Catalyst Control Center option? If so, you should be good to go. If not, there may be a conflict with your integrated video drivers. You may have to disable this card in the Bios and uninstall its drivers through device manager.

However, looks like your performance is about right, if a little sluggish. Try disabling AA both in Catalyst and in-game. Next, try a lower 16:9 resolution. Next, lower in-game settings.