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Question Did i just murder my gpu?

Oct 30, 2019
My kfa2 gtx 1050 wasn’t outputting anything after it crashed, so i tried to reflow it to temporarily fix the problem.Now the fans don’t spin anymore.i covered the rest of the board in foil.I dont know what happened.Did i burn something else off?Did i kill my gpu?


Whats the difference ?
Well most heat guns run around 700-1100F while a butane torch will get around 2600F or Propane which air only hits 3600F. We also have to consider that a heat gun has a more spread out heat while a torch typically has a more condensed direct heat.

Lets put it this way, the solder that is used in production typically has a melting point of 400F. Even a heat gun is higher than a soldering iron which is typically around 600-700F. Even that lower heat can damage the PCB.

So combine an insanely high temperature in a more condensed area to a device that is not designed for such high temperatures and ergo dead GPU.

And you could have baked it in an oven to re-flow it at much lower temps that wouldn't kill the device.
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the blowtorch is designed to burn things, melt things, heat things untill they fall apart, depends on the need, some even use a blowtorch to solder copper tubes fro water or natural gas inside houses, needing 350°c or more, some go up to 500°c.

the heatgun is designed to deliver hot air over a small specific area in a very slow controlled way, so solder points just melt and resolder if that was the problem, the gun must be used caregfully, and set to a specific temperature, 280°c. some use 300°c, depends on the skill and the use, but must be done with flux, in a controlled manner because you can desolder accidentally other parts, and is a task only menta for skilled people with the right tools

when you used the blowtorch is very likely you used more heat than 400 degrees celsius, efectively melting, burning or cracking the gpu die and the pcb itself together with other components, so basically you overcoocked the poor gpu, it is dead, take it to a recycle center and start saving for a new gpu, that hopefully you don't decide to destroy with a blowtorch, something you should never have done, because one has to use common sense, if no one does it there must be a reason, your personal belongings should not be under a blowtorch, never

ask before proceed with a blowtorch is a excellent idea, we would have said to you DO NOT DO IT

if the gpu was covered by a warranty, be 100% sure it is not covered anymore