Question Did I make a bad decision?

Oct 13, 2018
Hi guys, how r u? So like two moths ago i changed from an amd pehnom iix4 955 to an i3 8100. I bought a gigabyte b360m h because it has red and it looks more gaming. And i bought 8gb hyperX 3200mhz black RAM. In a week or two im buying the gugabyte 1660 windforce 3x OC or an rx 590. So did I make a bad decision buying the i3. I plan using my pc for gaming and maybe a little photoshop editing. I dont know about streaming, we'll see. Did I make a bad decision?😣


You didn't mention the make and model of your PSU. FYI, the ram you chose is wasted potential since the board will only allow you to go as far as DDR4-2666MHz. The slots that you speak of, being red, will be covered up by the ram and GPU so they weren't something you'd be able to notice unless you actively were looking for it.

Apart from the ram, the system is okay, when paired with a GTX1660 but I'd be concerned about the PSU if you added an RX590 in there.
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