Question Did I make a good deal buying a MSI 1660 or should I have waited for a 3060 to come in stock?


Sep 18, 2009
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So like many of you browsing these threads I am on several different trackers that alert me when a graphics card is in stock. Usually I see the ones from Newegg that pop up while I'm sleeping only to learn I missed the order window when I wake up hours later. Imagine my surprise when I was able to buy this MSI 1660 this week with no concerns about them running out of stock (as it is you see Newegg is limiting to 20 per customer instead of just one). Meanwhile I get alerts about the ASUS and gigabyte 1660 models and they sell out before I get a chance to click on the link. $500.00 is not a small amount of change, especially for a gamer dad of 2, but I had to replace my old powercolor radeon from 2016 before I ended up with one more green screen from trying to use a mobile emulator and watch streaming on twitch/youtube simultaneously...My only question is, did I get a good deal on a card that can last me 4-5 years for gaming (mostly emulators/steam mobile games), or should I send it back and wait for the stock of 3060s to come back in the next couple of months (given the change of demand/legalities regarding cryptocurrency)? Thanks for all thoughts!

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Jul 13, 2020
I’ll be blunt. In a normal market, it’s a terrible deal and you got ripped off. In this environment, you take what you can get if you need it because normal rules don’t apply right now. The RTX 3060 even as a 192bit GPU is newer, MSRP cheaper (if that even exist) faster than the 1660. If you are playing at 1080p the 1660 still gets the job done.

So, no one is going to fault you for paying $500 for old tech In this environment. That’s why prebuilts are hot sellers right now. I could have bought an Alienware with an i5-10400f, 16GB RAM and a RTX3060 for $999.
To be totally honest, in a normal market you got ripped off. Today’s market, that’s an ok deal. Though I don’t think a 2060 is much more. That said, a gtx 1660 super is about equal with a 1660ti or a 1070.

January 2020, I bought a 1660 super from Newegg at msrp. So 220-230 bucks. I ended up selling that card for about 475 on eBay. Bought a gtx 970 for 175 as a placeholder.

Fast forward, I am getting more into pc, so just bought a gtx 1070 on the 4th and paid 390 plus tax. Ouch. Used card also, but seems good so I’m happy about that. At least I can resell my 970 to recoup.

Just looking if you sell on eBay those 380s are going sometimes for 200. So put it on there for 100 and you may get a nibble. Might make the 500 hurt less.

Another option if you don’t mind used and your power supply is up to the challenge, I think you can get a used gtx 980ti for about 300 on eBay these days. They are old cards, but performance wise they are right in line with a gtx 1070, which is going to be in the bracket with a 1660 series card. So if you felt like canceling the order and saving a couple of bucks…..

Anyway, if you’re gaming at 1080p, especially 60 FPS, it’s going to be a decent card probably for a year or 2. I have a 27 inch 1080p screen at 144hz and I’m happy with that level of performance at the moment. But I’ll probably keep saving my pennies for my next gpu so that even if prices are high I can afford it. But the gpu market is really out of whack right now. Keep your eyes peeled as there are rumors prices may be starting to creep down.
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