Question Did I make a mistake buying the RTX2060?

Apr 13, 2019
My PC had an incident with some water a few months back but "luckily" the only component damaged was my video card (GTX970). I had an old video card that I was able to throw in and suffer with for awhile so I decided to save for a replacement. I figured I may as well take this time to upgrade my GPU since the 2000 series was about to come out. I haven't made the jump to 1440 yet but I have a 144hz 1080p monitor that I wanted to get the most out of. I decided to go with the RTX2060 as it would work well for my 144hz and be a decent gateway card if I transition to 1440.

But in all my research into which video card to purchase, I forgot to think about the other components that would possibly bottleneck it. So now I sit here with my shiny new MSI RTX2060 Gaming Z and am wondering if I wouldn't be better off returning it and getting a lesser card until I'm able to do a full rebuild.

Current specs are:
i5-4690k 3.5ghz
Asus Z97-AR
GTX580 (hurts)

So I guess my questions to all you more knowledgeable enthusiasts are:

Is the rest of my build good enough to make use of the RTX2060?

Is there a better/more efficient video card you would recommend that I use until I'm able to upgrade all other components?

Full build linked below:

Thank you all for your time!