Question Did I make mistakes or is my gaming pc good

Jan 25, 2019
I'm building a PC for the first time and I would like to know if what I build Is actually good or if i made a lot of rooky mistakes that'll impact my performance. thank you

case - h500i (I like the aesthetics)
mobo - Asus Prim x470 - pro
cpu - AMD Ryzen 7 2700x (I will be using the stock wraith prism cooler)
gpu - gtx 1070ti (not founders edition)
psu - Super Nova 650w g3 gold (felt like 750w was too much and i think too much is bad on components but idk)
ssd - Samsung 970 Evo 500gb (wanted a nvme ssd so i sacrified having a 1tb to minimize the cost)
hhd - Western Digital - Caviar Blue 1 tb
ram - g-skill trident z RGB 16gb 3200
fan - NZXT aer RGB120 and 140mm (using them as top and back exhaust fans and having the stock case fans up front for intake fans)

please let me know if this is a good setup, not a set in stone pc, will be upgrading and changing parts as time goes on
p.s. I'll be recording, streaming, and editing videos
games i'll be playing: rocket league, apex legends, monster hunter world, Rainbow 6 and csgo; basically anything that is good
the link is: