Question Did I short my motherboard?

Aug 5, 2020
So I’ve gotten to build my first pc, I’ve done tinkering in the past with parts by swapping them out or rewiring but never with brand new stuff. Unfortunately, when I went to turn it on there was nothing. No sign of life. The fans weren’t moving, the leds didn’t turn on, no sound. The only thing that did turn on was the led switch at the back of the power supply. I took it apart again, read the motherboard handbook again (ASROCK Z390 PRO 4) and redid everything, but still no sign of anything. I’ve been tinkering and poking at it for days, I thought maybe the polarity was wrong on the power switch and led, tried stuff like that. I’m starting to get discouraged cause all I want is just a sign of it working and all it does is mock me and sit there. Is maybe my motherboard shorted? If so how can I tell? Is there anything else that might be wrong? Please send help...