Question Did I short the motherboard?

Nov 30, 2021
I was installing a new ssd in my system and right after I plugged everything in and powered the system up I pressed on the sata cable on my motherboard to make sure it is all the way in, but the entire system lost power in that moment and afterwards whenever I try to boot up the pc it goes on like normal but my monitors don't receive signal and my mouse and keyboard lights will go out at random intervals.

I have changed everything back the way it was before but it still does nothing. The other lights and fans run like normal as well. My monitors go out of sleep mode when I start the pc but it says no signal.

Windows 10
Msi mag z490 tomahawk
Intel i7 10700K
Nvidia 1080
Hyperx 2x16GB DDR4
Cooler master MWE gold 750W V2 full modular PSU
Nvme m.2 970 evo 1TB
Sata 2.5" 870 qvo (the new ssd) 4TB
And an old hdd 1TB and m.2 250GB salvaged form my old laptop. Don't know the names

Motherboard, PSU, Processor, m.2 970 evo and ram are almost a year old the rest between 3 and 8 years old. (Except the 870 qvo, 1 day old)

I still have all the manuals and boxes
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Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Include PSU: make, model, wattage, age, condition?

Disk drive(s): make, model, capacity, how full?

Do you have the User Guide/Manual for your motherboard?
Nov 30, 2021
It was already plugged in, I was just checking if it was all the way in. And it was in, but the system still lost power. And like I said, if you just look at the pc nothing seems wrong. But there is no signal and the keyboard/mouse keep going on and off