Discussion Did my cooling upgrade do any good ?


May 15, 2020
I upgraded the cooler on my 65W A8-5500 in preparation for an A10-5800K. It was a stock cooler that was awful, but I don't have temps from it. I installed an Intel BXTS15A which is over twice the size of my old one.

Running Prime95 Torture test, I felt hot air coming out of my case fan that I've never felt before. Is that good, does it mean is dispersing the heat?

Prime95 did get the CPU up to 92.5 C according to CPUID HWMonitor. The thermal paste on the cooler is 7 years old since the cooler is from 2015, but is this ok?

And before people say, yes, it is a LGA1150 cooler on a FM2 chip. Thats just the way my motherboard holes line up. The cooler does touch the CPU.


That CPU temp is pretty hot, but I do not know at what temperature THAT CPU will start to throttle for high temp.

I am concerned, however, with your statement, "The thermal paste on the cooler is 7 years old since the cooler is from 2015, but is this ok?" That sounds like you removed an old cooler and mounted the new one on the CPU, but did NOT clean off the old thermal paste and replace it. Is that right? That is NOT a good plan, You should un-install the new cooler, remove the old thermal paste and clean the surfaces, then apply new thermal paste. USE the instructions provided WITH the paste, especially with respect to how much to apply for THAT particular CPU type. Too little is not good, but too much also can mean poorer heat removal.

Now, MAYBE you don't need to rush here. I understand you are still using the old CPU, but are planning to upgrade. If that change is to be soon, maybe you can leave things as they are and change the paste when the new CPU is installed. That assumes that your use of the system as it is currently is not likely to stress the CPU to max performance as your Prime95 Torture Test did.
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