Did my GPU die?


Sep 4, 2012
I was playing last night and when loading a battle a weird sound came through my speakers and my PC locked up with a black screen. I did a hard reset and when I had finally made it back on, TW Warhammer had seemingly uninstalled itself as it crashed?

I fixed the above issue and relaunched the game. Tried to do the same battle again and the same thing happened. However, now it seems my PC is just fucked. When I made it back to desktop my graphics drivers were no longer installed. Looking in device manager reveals that the only display adapter is "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter". I looked at hidden items and my 970 showed up there because it said the hardware was not connected.

I uninstalled the hidden driver and ultimately swapped PCIE slots. And it still just says basic display adapter. If I try to install the drivers it says I don't have the required hardware or something similar.

I have tried resetting the cmos and changing settings in the bios. The GPU runs, the fans stay on the whole time but it will not be detected anymore. I doubt while trying to fix it I did any static shock to the mobo because i feel like it wouldn't even power up. Any ideas?

i5-6600k Asus strix gtx 970 16gn corsair ram Season620w psu W10

Thanks in advance.