did my gpu died ?

Oct 27, 2018
hello every one this is my first time asking for a personal issue , usually i find others who have the same problem and i see the feedback but this time things are different
the story
my gtx780 was working 100% until i put it in my desk and for a week the sun was hitting him ( my window block heat and i am 99% that the ray is the reason of my problem ..)
and the problem is that the gpu is displaying green lines in the upper side of the screen ( about 40% of the screen is having green lines and tand he other 60% is fine )
and my other gpu hd7870 face the same thing ( sun for a week )
and he is even more injured than his brother ..
yesterday when i return it in my PC it worked in bios and when windows start to boot up it stop displaying
and today he is not working at all !
(it get hot when i turn on the pc ( i remove the heatsink ) and that mean he is still working but not displaying ..
these 2 **** waste 6 hours of my time with no **** results ..
what should i do?



Test the cards in another system. Just sitting out in your room during daylight does not damage components. It may discolor some plastics over time, but there is no way sunlight would damage a video card. Not sure why you would remove the heatsink, that would cause issues with damaging the chips.

Test the cards in another system to see if the issue follows the cards. Test with another cable and monitor also.