Question Did my GPU just die?


Sep 18, 2013
I just upgraded everything in my computer except for the GPU and hard drives. Everything worked perfectly, until a series of crashes and an eventual no signal.

New Specs: R7 3700x, 16gb DDR4 3000, ROG B450, with old GTX 970
What happened:
-New PC booted up with old boot drive perfectly fine, all components working great.
-Get into one game of Valorant, 40 seconds in and the monitors go grey, still have audio, restart PC.
-Update GPU drivers, make sure all other drivers are installed correctly.
-Play Overwatch and Valorant and LOL with no issues, great performance, seems fine, great temps.
-Start playing GMOD, two hours in and windows makes the disconnect sound and monitors go dark.
-Restart to no signal. I try different monitors, using motherboard inputs, reinstalling the GPU, nothing works.
-I install a very old GTX 650, works fine. Go back to the 970, still no signal. I check all of the wires and everything, nothing works with the 970.
This is really bewildering me. I have been able to solve problems with every build so far. It seems like it might've just been the card's time to go, even though its only been three years or so. Maybe I fried it while installing it? Should I just buy a new GPU and run the risk of the system breaking that one too?