Did my NVIDIA Gpu bust out? (burn?)


Jan 17, 2015
Hello, I've a Lenovo y50 UHD that I've had for 3 years now, however, few days ago, I was playing fortnite, I noticed my laptop fans were alittle hot, and I was messing with the game's video settings, out of no where, the game started freezing and then I got "Your PC ran into a problem :(" with error code "video_schedular_internal_error", my pc restarted, and I logged in conventionally, but right after I logged in, my screen froze, and I got the same "Your PC ran into a problem", after many restarts it came to the point where I could barely boot my laptop in the login screen. Sometimes the error code switches to "dpc_watchdog_violation".

I realized the problem was from the NVidia gpu, because I did a clean system installation and right upon installing the NVidia drivers, I got the same problems again, my pc would freeze and run into the same problems

I gave up and took it to a local tech, without even checking it internally,he just assumed based on my description of the issue that I busted my dedicated gpu and I need to play on my intel gpu (which is obviously not possible with unpleasant fps), I now suspect that it is even a hardware problem, and I need help figuring out what it is,

Right now as I'm typing this, I'm on a clean windows 10 install, with only intel drivers installed (afraid to install NVidia ones incase of the same problems occurring).

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