Question Did my power board damage my PSU?

Sep 30, 2021
I was just rearranging some stuff in my room, including my computer. Once I was done, I plugged the power cable for my PC back into my power board. There was some static noises while I was trying to plug it in, and I kinda felt the static throughout my body, but I managed to plug it.

I turned on my PC and everything was fine. Was using it for a bit, but then my foot touched the cable and it made the static sound again and my screen went black but the computer itself was still on. It suddenly started getting really loud, (like the fan, I think) and I honestly thought it was going to explode. I pressed the power button and it turned off for a sec, then it turned on and it all seemed normal, but I shut it down through the menu and flipped the switch at the back then unplugged it.

I still haven't plugged it back in and I'm worried if anything got damaged during that, especially since it's a relatively new build (everything is new except I used the GPU and PSU from my old computer as the PSU is only 2 years old and I couldn't afford to get it all new, but I'm planning on replacing it next year or the year after.)

So, yeah I just wanted to know if there's a possibility that anything was damaged or if there was just a bit of remaining electricity or something and it's fine for me to plug it back in now that I've left it unplugged for a while?



If able, never plug your PC (at least the power cable from PSU) to any kind of power bar/extension cable, especially when same power bar is used to power other, high power consumption devices.
Only device, where it is fine to plug your PC, monitor, speakers etc, is UPS. But do not plug printer to UPS (full list of forbidden devices in UPS manual).

In your case, i'd switch out the power bar completely and buy a new one. Since it sounded like the power bar was/is failing. (In the past, i've heard the electricity cracking noises, when power bars were failing.)

Btw, what is your PSU make and model (or part number)?