Question Did my PSU kill my rig?


Feb 29, 2012
[EDITED : Read @ bottom]
My apologies for if i post this in 2 sections with slight variations.

I was wondering if my motherboard is broken.

Basically when you turn it on there was a red light in the bottom from an LED, also the screen didn't work for a while. Now nothing goes on basically and I've described below how i think this happened. I hope someone can shed some light.

  1. I forced the computer off by switching the PSU button whilst the computer was running windows 10.
  2. The next day the computer would power up with lights and fans, but there would be no image.
  3. I swapped the graphics card (980TI that uses 2 PCIE power cables) for an old one that uses no PCIE power cables (Keep in mind that in the PSU there is now a change of Wattage that is required)
  4. The computer went on, surprisingly in a resolution of 1024 x 768, while i actually have 4k / or 1080p.
  5. I swapped back the 980 TI and the computer went on again only again in 1024 x 768.
  6. I leave the PC and rush to the supermarket to get food, i return to find my computer making loud noise. the Kraken Liquid cooling with 3Fans was going at insane speeds for no apparent reason.
  7. I turn the computer off and back on, but i won't go on.
  8. When you turn it on you see some lights flashing twice from components and you hear a click coming from some random location.
  9. I grab another PSU and connect it to the motherboard and then the fans started to go on, but not the lighting from the case, not the liquid cooler lighting.
  10. I noticed that another cable was required in the motherboard which was hidden behind a component.
  11. I plug in that cable , turn the computer back on, this time HALF of the LCD display of the Kraken water cooler turns on. The fans from the PSU never go on., Nothing else goes on.
  12. I remove the cable i just plugged in earlier for the CPU electricity and then it went back to behaving the same as when i only had one cable in earlier.
I wish to use my computer again ASAP, but i don't know where to progress from here.

Plugged back in the old PSU,
Everything went on, the lights, the cpu fan, everything, only the problem is the fans of the GPU are going INSANELY loud, there is no image, and on the motherboard the VGA LED is red.

Plugged back the backup PSU,
Everything went on, the GPU fans behaved normally, VGA LED still red.
Only this PSU, only has one CPU electricity cable, it misses a 4 pin connector.
How important is this for a test boot to just get picture on the screen?
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I can't believe you have is all that info, but never mentioned any of the parts. We know you have a 9i0ti, but that's it. Two psu, but no clue what they are. Is this a new build that you are trying to get running? Or is this an old build that just died all of a sudden? Help us help you. What parts do you have?