Did my psu overkill or enough ?


Jun 12, 2012
im newcomers.

i would ask if my PSU is enough or not?

i7-950 @3.02ghz
zotac gtx460 amp! @810mhz
3x2gb team elite@1333
X58A-UD3R gigabyte
1tb WD cav.black
2xdvd combo drive
4x12" led fan
1x20"led fan

and CORSAIR TXEU 750w.

how's that?

PS: what if i add another 500gb hdd ?
The TX 750 is massive overkill.

The system as listed wouldn't go over 400w even with 5 extra hard drives and plenty of OCing.

I would be looking more at something like an XFX 550w instead.
I wouldn't trust Thermaltake farther than I could throw them.

Also, the XFX 550w isnt only good if he NEVER plans on upgrading his video card. He can run pretty much any video card on an XFX 550w even with decent OCing.

If he intends to use 2nd or 3rd video cards, I will talk him out of it.

Even if I can't, a full system with 2x 680s doesn't hit 500w unOCd. The 460s are less than that.


Jun 12, 2012
wow, amazing..
thanks a lot for you all, that's really helpful.

but how can you tell it is massive overkill?,
it says (by thermaltake.outervision) that my rig require at least 537 watt ?
I don't think you should trust anything thermaltake says, tbh. I don't.

Look here


Straight up real test showing the power used by a full system with a 460 installed in it. Measured at 227w at load.

Thermaltake says 537 watts because it is assuming you want to get the worst crap PSU at that wattage and some 550w PSUs barely give out more than 227 watts in reality. Like the Thermaltake kind, for instance.

Also look here


where the XFX 550w gets high marks in all categories by one of the two best testing websites out there.

Also here, earlier in the article where it shows the XFX 550w easily being able to do the whole 555w+


The TX 750w can get to its labelled wattage too last I checked, and that is 200w more than the already 300w over XFX 550w. That makes it 3x of your actual usage.

Ideally, you want to target your actual usage to about the 50% mark on what the PSU is capable of supplying (for good PSUs like XFX what is on the label).

If you add another hard drive to the setup you showed and bump the wattage requirement up a tad bit more that lands you at about 500w targeted. XFX doesn't happen to have a 500w, the closest is the 550w.

They also have a 450w that would work, but it would give you less room to play around with and its better to fall under the 50% mark than over it.