Did new PSU kill BD-combo Drive?

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Oct 17, 2010
I have a Samsung SH-B083L Blu-Ray combo drive which was working fine until yesterday, when I installed a new PSU (Seasonic X750). Aside from unplugging the old power cable and plugging in the new one, I didn't touch the drive. When I put everything back together, the BD drive would no longer read disks of any sort. When a DVD is inserted in the drive, the front light flashes for 2-3 minutes but the disk doesn't read. If I select "open" in Windows it says "please insert a disk" when there's already a disk in the drive.

1) The drive does have power because the tray opens and the front light flashes. Also, an HDD on the same SATA power cable works fine.

2) The drive appears in the ACHI driver boot screen, and appears in Win Explorer / My Computer / "Devices with Removable Storage"

3) I tried changing the SATA cable, no change. I tried switching SATA ports on the MB, also no change.

4) It appears to have a SATA data connection, because selecting "eject" from Windows will open the tray.

5) I re-installed the firmware from Samsung, no change. The driver is up to date.

Can anyone think of anything else to try before replacing the drive? It just a coincidence that it died when I replaced the PSU?

I'm sure you did but did you try a different SATA power connector?

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Sometimes it helps having someone check over what you do so you don't miss the simple stuff. Happens to all of us otherwise we wouldn't know to ask the easy questions lol. Glad it works for ya. :)
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