Jun 6, 2016
Hi everyone,

today i did something real bad….
I connected the motherboard 24pin and 8pin i to mobo. (Psu: Corsair HX850 platinum)
I flipped on the switch on psu and my pc started … was not connected to a monitor and I didnt realize psu have this 0 rpm mode was looking at psu. I’ve had this 8pin for my gpu plugged into my gpu gtx 1070 founders edition. When I was connecting even the PC WAS ON and I created a partitual short circuit cause I was plugging it the wrong way Was a darker room….
Loud ZAP from the PSU and my fuse box knocked down could smell something burnt inside psu. Cant jump start psu so its dead…

New psu is on the way but….
How likely I killed the gpu with this …
Could PSU stop this catastrophe or did I just fried my gtx 1070. Dont have other components to test this have to wait for the new psu. Just want to calm my nerved down.